Fish House/ Human House is a site specific work created at Sagehen Field Creek Station in Truckee, CA. The Fish House was originally constructed as an observation room to the visiting scientists to monitor the Lohontan Cutthroat Trout population. Fish House/ Human House flips the gaze to give the human visitors the opportunity to feel watched, recorded, conscious and ultimately curious about their place in the world. 

The installation includes five acrylic panels describing the behaviors of homo sapiens alongside informative illustrations that enhance the trouts' understanding of our lifestyle. The rest of the basement is outfitted to resemble a traditional, human basement, replete with an outdated couch, faux-wood paneling, and a Big Mouth Billy Bass. 


This work in permanently installed at Sagehen Creek Field Station and is part of the Archive Collections at the Center for Art +Enviornment, Nevada Museum of Art.